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  • Bryon Harris

Ricky Montgomery & The Honeysticks – ‘Out Like A Light’

The July, 2017 Indie Spoonful Artist of the Month Winners Ricky Montgomery & The Honeysticks are an amazingly talented alt-indie rock group that you do not want to miss out on. Ricky joined his first band as a lead guitarist at the age of 14. After years of contemplating, he made the decision to pursue a career in music and moved to LA in 2015 where he put together the rest of the band to tour his debut LP. The band is composed of Ricky (lead singer, guitarist, keyboardist and main songwriter), Caleb Hurst ( (guitar, backing vocals and co-writer), Ben Russin (bass) and Ryan Fyffe (drums). Now an established group, they have released their debut single titled “Out Like A Ligh,” showcasing their top-notch, radio and chart ready sound.

​​At the start of the song, you are greeted by soft, warm acapella vocals with lush harmonies that lead into the entrance of the instrumental arrangement. From the moment the first kick drum hits, you are already captivated by the brief musical experience. That being said, the song only gets more compelling as it progresses.

Entering the first vocal section of the song Ricky sings, “Take me uptight,/Strung up like a kite/Dumb, wicked and white/Love me in spite,” with mellow melodies displaying his unwavering, polished tone. This leads us seamlessly into the first line of the chorus as the arrangement gains momentum leading to this infectious part of the song.

“Out Like A Light” tells the universal story of love in the internet age. It shows that it can be both passionate and lonely as is expressed though the digital undertones in the arrangement as well as the well-written lyrics. In the chorus they sing, “If I betrayed/our lonely nights/Spent out like a light/With no kiss goodnight /Would we never fight /When I'm away?” The poetic presentation perfectly embodies the theme and emotion of the song.

Ricky Montgomery & The Honeysticks will undoubtedly continue to rise in popularity with stunning tracks like “Out Like A Light.” The band shows their prowess as songwriters and musicians with a song that is truly entrancing from start to finish. Their music is available for purchase via iTunes. For more information on the band, visit their website.

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