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  • Bryon Harris

Pettros - 'Thank God'

Pettros is an up and coming LA based hip-hop artist out of Boston. Pettros' undeniable talent has led to him collaborating with a number of big artist and producers such as, Machine Gun Kelly, Mike Posner, blackbear, Mod Sun, Maejor, Lost Kings and more. He has toured multiple cities (Boston, Tampa, Chicago and LA) with artist Blackbear. His stellar track "Thank God," off his upcoming EP, is a perfect example of Pettros killer sound.

Easing in, the song starts off with a mellow synth progression accompanied by Pettros hyping the track. Soon, the arrangement builds with an additional synth that fades in leading to the drop of the kick drum and bass. The production is top-notch giving Pettros a professional level sound.

After the bass drops, Pettros enters singing the pre-chorus "I fell in love with the real you/I know that I don't compare to/Our selfish love isn't fair/To us, woahhh." He instantly draws you in with his addictive vocals. The arrangement continues to build entering seamlessly into the chorus while Pettros sings, "I try to get away but I can't go/I find a way to wake up and thank god Oooooh (x4)."

Reaching the first verse, Pettros shows off his smooth flow and versatility as an artist singing, "You willing to thank god/Even after you failed twice/You gave it a damn try/And you can't find in your back mind." "Thank God" perfectly showcases Pettros sound with infectious melodies against a killer track. With Pettros polished sound and memorable hooks, his work could easily hit the top 40 charts.

With drive, talent and ability to write catchy hits like "Thank God," there is no doubt Pettros will continue to be an artist on the rise. "Thank God" is just one of three tracks that were leaked from his 'No Sluts in Heaven' EP. The track was inspired by the past unhealthy relationships Pettros has gone through in life. For more information and to keep up with his releases, visit his soundcloud page.

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