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  • Bryon Harris

Peasant Moon – ‘Our Timing Was Wrong’

Peasant Moon is an Alt-country/Americana duo out of Australia. The group has been building their reputation in the Australian music scene since 2013. They are recognized for their heart-on-sleeve songwriting and live performances of melancholic alt-country and late-night folk. Recently, they have released a brand new five song EP titled 'Our Timing Was Wrong' in which they have built upon their established sound with additional instrumentals. The title track on the EP, which is a classic country male/female duet, is the perfect way to introduce yourself to Peasant Moon.

The song begins with the entrance of a melodic, twangy guitar that leads in the bass, percussion and layers of string instruments. The arrangement comes through crystal clear giving each element of the song its own space to shine. Right from the get-go Peasant Moon hooks you in with their professional quality sound and mix.

As Harvey enters singing, “We had so many chances, no doubt about it/The chemical romance was there for the taking,” he shows off his vocal talent with his clear, yet raw and raspy tone. Progressing to the second part of the verse, Josie enters sings, “People saw the making of a humble union/But we were just faking, forever forsaken,” contrasting Harvey with a more smooth, polished tone making for a dynamic duo full of complimentary color and contrast.

The song is a timeless story of two lovers who are meant to be together but extenuating circumstances keep them apart. Coming together for the memorable chorus they sing, “So how I can I find out if it was just that our timing was wrong/All of these years now, sitting back watching you sing those songs,” in passionate harmony. This simple heartfelt track is exactly what you want in a classic country duo and Peasant Moon delivers beautifully.

Peasant Moon earns a top place on our American, Alt-Country playlist with a fantastic sound and well-written, heart-on-sleeve son that elevates them to above par status. With tracks like “Our Timing Was Wrong” there is no wonder why they are building a strong reputation on the scene. Their music is available for purchase via Bandcamp For more information on this stellar duo, visit their website.

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