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  • Bryon Harris

Tori Marjorie – ‘Let’s Get Out of Here’

Tori Marjorie is a pop rock/folk rock artist out of New England. Using a loop station and multiple instruments such as guitar and trumpet, Tori transform into a one person band. She has played in venues all across New England including the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston and 66 Church in CT. At he VIP lounge at Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Tori opened for Lady Antebellum, Train and the Dave Matthews Band. After honing her sound, Tori is now getting ready to release her debut album, Key of ‘J’ this month. From the album, the single “Let’s Get Out of Here” is a great way to introduce yourself to her sound.

The song starts off with a simple guitar melody played in the lower register for a bluesy-pop edge. After a brief intro Tori’s voice enters singing, “Purple lipstick on, pre game to my favorite song/at night I usually feel alright but now I want to feel wrong/Come on baby, let's feel wrong,” showcasing her lush, warm tone through memorable melodies that get you hooked into the song right from the start. Tori's voice has good character and doesn't sound at all cookie-cutter.

After this first section of the verse, the instrumental arrangement begins to build with an additional layer of guitar. Then, after a brief pause the entrance of drums and bass keep the song moving forward with a nice groove. Reaching the chorus, you are greeted with and explosion of energy as Tori sings, “I see you looking at me, looking at you/there ain't no point in trying to hide just what we want to do/Mistakes are for the morning, take me to the floor and we can be a sure thing babe/One more dance, one more beer then/let's get out of here.” Using addictive melodies and easily relatable themes, Tori creates a truly memorable music experience with her song “Let’s Get Out of Here.” The song "Let's Get Out of Here" keeps it light while slipping in commentary and observations about gender and society, adding a bit more weight to the content, which keeps the song interesting and opens up a dialogue. It is a fun pop song about going out and meeting someone at a bar. However, the bigger picture speaks about the double- standard women receive for being forward about tehri sexuality. Tori flips the typical roles by unbashedly being the pursuer.

Tori Marjorie is a fresh new artist with a top-notch sound that you will definitely want to add to your play list. Her song “Let’s Get Out of Here” leaves you looking forward to her next single. For more information and to purchase her new album release, visit her website. Also, visit Tori's youtube channel.

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