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  • Bryon Harris

The Whining Pussys – ‘Wasted’

The Whining Pussys are an indie-rock group hailing from Orange County, CA. The band is composed of front-man Clark McSteven on vocals/guitar, Kyle Zemblidge on guitar, Steve Gonzalez on bass and Daryl clar, drums . The group infuses elements of punk, humor, and with a twist of angst to create their unique sound. Off their self-titled project, the single “Wasted” is a great way to introduce yourself to a one-of-a-kind music experience.

Starting off, the drums enter with a nice popping beat that is soon accompanied by electric guitar and a grooving bass line that will

immediately get you to into the rhythm of the music. The guitars layer up creating a nice progression into the start of the verse.

Continuing the great infectious groove, the vocals enter for the first verse singing, “I was a hippie/I was a burnout/I was a dropout/I was out of my head.” The purposeful monotone vocals during the first verse paired with the lyrics and instrumental arrangement sets a chilled-out vibe that resonates. The arrangement continues to progress with additional guitar motifs throughout the verse.

“Wasted” is all about the California life-style, living wild and having fun. In the hook of the song they sing, “I tried to go to school but couldn't, I'm wasted/I tried to tie my shoe but couldn't, I'm wasted/I tried to make out but I couldn't, I'm wasted/I tried to light the bong but couldn't, I'm wasted/I was so wasted.” It's an entertaining, straight-forward commentary that paints a picture of a"hippie, burn-out, drop-out."

With a groovy arrangement and simple lyrics, “Wasted” is catchy tune that leaves a lasting and fun impression for listeners who are tired of the grind and prefer life outside the rat race. The Whining Pussy’s are sure to attract niche listeners with their laid-back sound and good vibes. “Wasted” is just one of their fun, addictive songs off their self-titled album. For more information on the band and to get a free download of their track, visit their web-page.

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