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  • Bryon Harris

The Herd of Main Street – ‘Never Look Back’

The Herd of Main Street is a stellar Americana band based out of Baltimore, MD. This family band is fronted by Peter Mckibben, Gena Mickibben who plays lead guitar, her brother Lance Smith on drums, Kevin Alban on bass, and Corey Zook on rhythm guitar. Off their soon to be released project titled Heyday, the song “Never Look Back” is a great way to introduce yourself to the band’s formidable sound.

The song kicks off with high energy starting with a big entrance featuring a steady drum beat accompanied by a memorable guitar progression with a grooving melody, all held together by tight bass playing. This band is in-the-pocket. After a brief intro they begin the first verse singing, “They say you shouldn’t chase the same dream twice/ Yeah they call you crazy if you try and fail too many times.” With easy to follow melodies bolstered by backing harmonies, The Herd of Main Street create a sound that will stick with you. With a small instrumental break in the verse, the phrasing builds nicely towards the hook as the song progresses.

“Never Look Back” is a song about trying to break free from the monotony of everyday. It is about chasing your dreams and passions. Reaching the hook they sing “Maybe I'll get back on my feet again/Take you riding down the road and/Never look back to where we've been/We'll burn our lights so bright that everyone can see/there'll be no way to miss us flying down that road/where the lucky people go.” The Herd of Main Street have a knack for creating memorable melodies with easily relatable themes that are sure to capture many audiences.

With their single “Never Look Back,” The Herd of Main Street entice listeners with their polished sound creating a memorable music experience leaving you in anticipation for their new material. The song will not be officially available until August 18th and will be on all downloading and streaming services. To keep up with the latest news on the very talented group,The Herd of Main Street, visit their website.

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