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  • Bryon Harris

Moe Green's Eye -'Fixed'

Moe Green’s Eye is a killer rock group with a unique sound coming out of NYC. The group is composed of Steve Siegel guitarist and chief songwriter for the band; Anthony Galati on lead vocals; Jeff Mackey on bass; and Bob Gallagher on drums. The quartet of seasoned musicians are gaining a strong following getting booked in venues from Arlene’s Grocery on the Lower East Side all the way to Groove on the Grove in Jersey City, NJ. Off of their Fast Radio Bursts Live EP, the song “Fixed” is a great way to introduce yourself to their stellar sound.

The song begins with the entrance of a distorted electric guitar which then leads to the entrance of bass and drums. With the entrance of bass and drums, the song enters an

entrancing groove building up to the start of the first verse. After the intro, the vocals enter singing, “Sowed the seeds so long ago/Played the games that made you less to know,” displaying a clean, unfiltered tone. Although the band has only been together for a short while, they are a very polished and tight group with a highly professional sound and strong mix. As the verse slides seamlessly into the hook, the addictive melodies are bolstered by backing harmonies.

Using metaphorical lyrics, “Fixed” is a song talks about a girl wanting to take a relationship to the next level by moving in together, but finds out that it won’t turn out the way she plans. In the hook they sing, “What if I came into your room /What if I locked the doors to make my own /Would you still feel the same /I've given you all, but not your name, no not your name,” commenting on the reality of the situation. The everyday lyrics are easy to relate to and universal.

With memorable melodies accompanied by a tight group of music vets, Moe Green’s Eye delivers a lasting musical impression and experience. “Fixed” is just one of their catchy singles that is sure to get you hooked on their sound. Their music is available for purchase via Bandcamp. For more information on the band visit their Facebook page.

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