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  • Bryon Harris

Sacha Mullin - 'Crow'

Sacha Mullin is a talented singer-songwriter out of Chicago. He has often been compared to the likes of legendary artist like Jeff Buckley. His drive and passion have landed him several collaborative performances with artists such as Bobby McFerrin, Jeanne Arland & Patty Peterson, Hannibal Lokumbe, Ariel Pink and Dessa, and he has shared the stage with Lightning Bolt and Mitski. Whelm, his debut pop project, was well received by Examiner, The Deli, Windy City Rock and several international blogs. Now, releasing his second album titled Duplex, Sacha is striving to impress listeners. Off this album, the song “Crow” is a great way to introduce yourself to his sound.

Photography by Jim Newberry

The song kicks off with high energy, kicked off with an up-tempo drum which is soon joined by a piano chord that brings us into the first verse. After a brief intro Sacha enters singing, “We were in this together;/we were born to win/but now, our bearings will weaken anon,/as it was I who wore us thin.” With the simple piano and percussion arrangement, Sacha’s voice is at the center, displaying impeccable clarity, a nice bright tone and shimmering vibrato.

Sacha wrote “Crow” about humility, and trying to work through the pain of a friendship or relationship dissolving. Reaching the pre-chorus, the track begins to build up with additional production as Sacha sings through truly infectious melodies that will stick with you long after the song is over. The hook is where Sacha cuts loose on the vocals with high flying falsetto runs showcasing his vocal prowess while he sings, “in order to make it right,/i've gotta eat crow/and to mend these oversights,/i've gotta try,/or risk that you might go-.”

Sacha Mullin will undoubtedly impress listeners with his poetic lyrics and stellar vocal ability. His song “Crow” offers an intense, dramatic musical experience that positively displays Sacha’s creativity and talent as a song writer. His music is available for purchase via Bandcamp. For more information on Sacha visit his website.

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