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  • Bryon Harris

Powi - 'Body & Soul'

Powi is a polish producer-vocalist powerhouse. Powi found his passion for producing music in 2005 and by 2009, under the nickname “Powhart,” he released his first single titled, “Feel Me, Contact Me.” He also released his first two EP's: 'Andromale' in 2013 and 'Neolover' in 2015. After a brief hiatus, Powi returns with a fresh sound under his current name. His first single representing the new era is titled, “Body & Soul,” and it showcases Powi’s refined presentation.

The song begins with an up-tempo funky, synth-bass accompanied by a clap hitting every other beat, building up with ambient synths leading into the first verse. The trance like production blends perfectly with Powi’s voice as he enters singing, “take me to your head/then go write me in your heart/baby open up your arms/treat me like a god.” Powi’s voice has a light tone as he sings through seductive lyrics with compelling emotion.

“Body & Soul” is a song about high expectations and wanting the most from a lover, body and soul . The song infuses catholic undertones (bells, choir, organs), in it's spiritual depiction of the two lovers. Reaching the hook, the song begins to build up with the addition of piano as Powi sings, “I want to make love to your body and soul/surrender your will as I’m taking control/don’t offer no substitute I want it all/body and body and body and soul.”

After the final line a booming sub bass drops and Powi shows us his unlimited abilities as an electronic producer. A melodic whistle takes the forefront as Powi repeats “Body & Soul” with enhanced effects and tape-stops. Check out the video:

Powi shows his prowess as a producer, songwriter and vocalist with the release of his new single, “Body & Soul.” With his strong passion for music and desire to develop his sound, there is no doubt Powi will continue captivate fans. His music is available for purchase via all major online music platforms such as iTunes, Bandcamp, Shazam, and Spotify. To keep up with Powi and his releases, follow his Facebook page.

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