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  • Bryon Harris

Natalie Jean – ‘Marabou’

Natalie Jean is a multi-talented, multi-nominated, award winning artist who has performed at countless venues throughout the MD/DC area. With her versatile voice, she sings multiple genres including, Jazz Pop, R&B, Blues, and Dance. Recently, Natalie was the Gold Medal Winner in the 2017 Global Music awards for Female pop vocalist with her song, “L’Amour a L’infini.” Natalie now has released her 5th full length Creole album titled, Haiti Mwen Renmenw. Off this new project, her song, “Marabou,” is a shining of example of what you would expect from a seasoned, award winning artist like Natalie.

The song kicks off with a beautifully melodic piano progression that, after a brief moment, is joined by the entrance of a pop style percussion leading into the first verse. Starting off with a simple arrangement allows Natalie’s stellar vocals to shine through as she sings what translates to, “Her name is Marabou/She walks the night, amongst the stars/Her eyes sparkle like diamonds/Every step she takes is/Illumined by the beauty of her aura.”

With a lush, warm tone, Natalie’s voice entrances listeners through heartfelt melodies. Reaching the chorus, the arrangement is bolstered with the entrance of a soft sub bass providing the perfect momentum for the progression of the song. Through this album and song, Natalie creates a positive portrayal of Haiti demonstrating the beauty of the country. In the chorus she sings what translates to, “They call her Marabou/When the marabou opens her eyes/The suns opens up to adore her/Men tremble when they see her/When she walks in the sun/Everyone comes to see her, they have fallen in love.”

Natalie Jean is sure to awe listeners with the gorgeous melodies of her stunning ballad, “Marabou.” This is just one of many amazing tracks off her new album, Haiti Mwen Renmenw. The album is available for purchase via iTunes. For more information on Natalie, visit her website.

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