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  • Bryon Harris

Gigi Rae – ‘No Distance No Divide’

Gianna Rae Sacchetti (Gigi Rae) is a dynamic pop artist on the rise. In 2014, Gigi released her debut single “I’ll Wait” which gained attention from producer Jack Chicago of Friday PoP Cafe. Since then, she has been on a determined track performing non-stop and making numerous appearances on radio. Her newest single “No Distance No Divide” has gotten attention from indie stations around the world reaching number 8 on the Radio Indie Alliance top ten list and number 8 on DE NED Top 40.

Written by Jack Chicago and Lindsay Hamminga. 'No Distance No Divide" starts out with a melodic acoustic guitar line with lush vocal harmonies that, after a brief moment, lead us into the first verse. Entering with a pure, crisp, bright tone Gigi sings, “You'll pick me up at eight/Drive from place to place/See the lights of the city from the mountain top/Dream of leaving this way/Dream of finding our space/ Where we could be just us.” From there the song begins to build up with the addition of percussion as we approach the hook. The simple arrangement puts extra emphasis on the stellar

vocals and lyrics.

The song reminds us that nothing can keep you from those you love. During the hook she sings, “Cuz I only wanna be with you tonight/You and I/We could fall in love for the first time/Until light breaks on us/No distance no divide.” With memorable melodies that are sure to stick with you long after you hear the song. “No Distance No Divide” is the perfect showcase of Gigi’s style and universal appeal, displaying her impeccable pop vocals.

If Gigi Rae continues to deliver this type of quality sound with each new, release there will be no distance and no divide that she can't conquer: Her song “No Distance No Divide” is just one example of her relatable pop hits. Fans can purchase the new single at For more information on Gigi visit her website.

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