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  • Bryon Harris

Dion D’lucia feat. Brownsilla – ‘Live & Laugh’

Dion D’lucia is an aspiring hip hop artist too keep an eye out for. Starting off on guitar and folk music, Dion found his passion for music and 3 months later was on stage at a folk festival performing covers. After a close friend passed, with the help of his best friend, Dion used his emotion to fuel the start of his own writing. With two releases this year, “My Life” and “Come Closer,” Dion reflects on his psychological journey through his hard times. Now, collaborating with rapper Brownsilla, he released his most recent single titled, “Live & Laugh.”

The song begins with a melodic, eerie synth-bell progression that slowly builds up with additional production leading up to the first hook of the song. The production is entrancing with a chill wave type beat creating a laid-back vibe for the song.

Reaching the hook Dion sings, “Intoxicated driving through the city,/Got a bad B next to me, she rolls up the zoobies,/We live and we laugh,/How long will it last? Its questions we don't like to ask/Intoxicated driving through the city,/Got a bad B next to me, she rolls up the zoobies,/We live and we laugh,/Just fill up my glass.” His killer flow and smooth vocals will have you wanting to hear more right from the start. As the song progresses you’ll fall more and more in love with his with musical style as Dion and Brownsilla keep it real in the verses and rap about life as a young adult. Dion’s crisp vocals pair perfectly with Brownsilla’s raw energy creating a music experience that is sure to stick with you and gain a strong national following.

Check out his video below:

Dion D’Lucia is definitely an artist to look out for with a strong passion to succeed and the talent to back it up. His track “Live & Laugh” featuring Brownsilla is just one example of his abilities. His music is available for purchase via all major online music retailers. For more information on Dion, visit his website.

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