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  • Bryon Harris

Danae - 'Gold in the Dirt'

Danae is a pop singer-songwriter based out of New York City. Her electro-pop sound has garnered her top spots on the Popular Charts. As a testimony to her appeal, Danae's debut single “Direction” came out the same week as Beyonce’s "Lemonade ' and reached #39 on HypeMachine’s pop charts. Danae has collaborated with music producer Sarin Kuruvilla and also with Los Angeles-based producer Phil Danyew who has toured with Foster the People, as well as Secret Road producer AG. Now with her single “Gold In The Dirt,” off of her project, 'Direction', Danae is geared up and ready to impress more audiences.

The song begins with a pulsing bass accompanied by a strumming progression and swelling synths. The brief introduction provides a suspenseful build up to the first verse before Danae enters singing, “I’m done living my life /Just to get out alive/Yellow flickering light / Got it in my sights.” Her lustful voice immediately entrances listeners with soothing melodies as the song gently progresses towards the hook. With Danae’s emotive singing, listeners will feel instantly connected.

As the instrumentals take a brief pause, Danae’s vocals enter with a fiery passion for the start of the hook singing, “Cause there’s gold in the dirt, gold in the dirt / Dig a little deeper, there’s gold in the dirt.” The hook allows Danae’s pristine vocals to shine through as she sings high soaring melodies that make for a truly memorable hook. “Gold In The Dirt” is a song about pushing through challenges, resistance and fear and listeners will be instantly taken by both the message and the performance.

Check out the video below:

“Gold In The Dirt” delivers just what you would want in a electro-pop hit creating an epic, enjoyable music experience. Danae undoubtedly delivers a top-notch sound with her invigorating musical style featuring high-quality production and meaningful lyrics that allow her audiences to effortlessly connect to and feel her music. Her music is available for purchase via iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. For more information on Danae, visit her website.

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