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  • Bryon Harris

Remember Jones - 'Tranquilizer'

Remember Jones is a soul/pop artist out of the Asbury Park, NJ area. Along with is double-digit band, Remember Jones entices listeners with his throwback vibes and storytelling abilities to create a unique musical experiences. Supported by a massive double-digit band, the group has a huge sound and engaging arrangements. Their song, “Tranquilizer,” off of their project, 'Tranquilizer!,' is a great way to introduce yourself to their distinguished sound.

Once the count-off is given, the band begins a chaotic build up before breaking into a smooth groove featuring melodic horns, a funky bass line, and energetic percussion. The intro does well to show off their large selection of instruments and ability to create a compelling arrangement that will keep listeners engaged in the music. fter the brief intro the vocals enter displaying a bright, emotive tone. Singing, “You will feel a pinch, count

back from 10/Soon there will be no pain/I've been sent by a gentleman to help/Smooth over thangs,” the songs arrangement eases back giving room for the vocals to shine and allowing room to build up to the hook of the song. “Tranquilizer” is a song about using music to free yourself from pain and forget about the hardships of life for a while. Reaching the chorus they sing, “I'm yo' tranquilizer/The world could be on fire, but you'll be none the wiser/'Cause I'm a good liar/Ain't that what you desire from yo' tranquilizer?/Yeah, yeah,” showing that they are what you need to ease your pain.

Remember Jones are sure to get you down and "boogying" with their classic throwback sound and unforgettable, infectious tunes. “Tranquilizer” is a fantastic showcase of the groups abilities to write a compelling song from start to finish. Their music is available for purchase via iTunes. For more information on the band, visit their website.

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