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  • Bryon Harris

Welsh Avenue - ‘Germ Theory’

Welsh Avenue, stage name for pop artist Mark DiLillo, hails from Austin TX. After studying classical piano for 9 years, Welsh Avenue dove into writing classical songs on the piano. Soon after he trained himself in music production which started the evolution of his sound. This passion-fueled training led to his recent debut EP, 'The Great Exchange.' Off this EP, his single "Germ Theory" is a standout indicator of his newly developed sound.

"Germ Theory" beings with a filtered piano progression that is accompanied by accents from strings. Soon the arrangement is joined by a pop style drum beat and the entrance of the vocals for the first section of the song. The light tone of Mark’s vocals pair perfectly with the delicacies of the instrumental arrangement as he sings, “A man dwelling in a cave / another says, how shall you behave? / A man with spears comes after you / he says, I won't do a thing.” “Germ Theory” is a song about learning from hard times and using what you learned to prepare for the times ahead. His lyrics tell a story, painting clear images in your mind as you follow along. Breaking out of the filter the song opens up as it reaches the hook. This switch up in the arrangement keeps listeners hooked as the song progresses. The hook ties together the verses and relays the theme as he sings, “And as the storm came my way, this time I did alright/Cuz like the Germ theorist once said, chance favors the prepared mind.”

With undeniably catchy melodies and a unique sound, the refreshingly artistic Welsh Avenue is sure to leave a lasting impression that will leave you wanting to hear more music off the EP. “Germ Theory” is a fantastic showcase of Welsh Avenue’s distinct sound that is sure to impress its listeners. This song along with the rest of 'The Great Exchange' EP is available for purchase on all major music retail platforms. For more information on Welsh Avenue, visit his bandcamp page.

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