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  • Bryon Harris

GREATHOUSE – ‘Forever’

GREATHOUSE is a rising R&B artist hailing from Houston, TX. Receiving his formal training from the Classen School of Advance Studies where he majored in Music, he formed a unique R&B style that is all his own. This seasoned artist has been seen doing background vocals for names such as Kelly Price, New Kids On The Block, Kurt Carr, Yolanda Adams, Erica Campbell and Tramaine Hawkins. Now GREATHOUSE is preparing to release his debut solo EP titled, 'Radio.' From this EP, his single “Forever” is a great introduction to his creative sound and style.

S​​tarting off the song, there is a smooth drum beat, like a heart, that breaks into a riff by lead guitar and bass that leads right into the first verse. The track is not very busy leaving room for the GREATHOUSE's vocals to shine through. As the vocals enter you are graced with an immaculate, smooth tone that gives you goose-bumps as he sings, “Some people want to be alone, but baby that ain't me. /I've just been waiting for the woman who can satisfy, satisfy my every need. /Baby that ain't much but you qualify, I'm sure for every guy, but I want it to be me.”

The bouncy rhythms combined with lush melodies and backing vocals make for a memorable verse that leads seamlessly into the even more memorable chorus. During the hook he sings, “Girl if one plus one equals two of us, then two of us, together, we can last forever. /We can last forever...” With an addictive melody and a theme that is easy to relate too, “Forever” creates a top-notch musical experience for listeners and lovers of R&B music and is the type of song that could hit those charts.

Check out his video performance below:

GREATHOUSE entrances listeners with his smooth tone and outstanding vocals. When paired with a slow-tempo grooving instrumental arrangement, you get a superb R&B ballad such as “Forever.” There is no doubt, GREATHOUSE has created a GREAT debut. His music is available for purchase via all major online music retailers. For more on GREATHOUSE, visit his soundcloud page.


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