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  • Bryon Harris

Faultlines – ‘Starting at the Finish Line’

Faultlines are a well established folk-pop group. The trio consist of Ashley Morgan and John Flanagan, vocals and Todd McCool, guitar and vocals. They create music that touches upon the emotional side of our common human experiences. With diverse influences ranging from Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson to Whitney Houston and Brandi Carlile, the group creates a modern sound with elements of roots and country. Their song “Starting at the Finish Line” from their 2016 EP 'Telephone Philosophies' is a great introduction to their unique sound.

"Starting at the Finish Line" begins with a melodic acoustic guitar line, finger-picked, that sets a gentle and solemn mood. After a brief intro, the first verse begins with the entrance of the vocals. “Everything I know about love / was accidents and cold goodbyes / By the time I got the hang of us / I was starting at the finish line.” Faultlines wins you over from the start with the voice of Ashley Morgan. Ashley sings with a crystal clear, warm vocal presentation that captivates. The song only gets better with the addition of lush vocal harmonies that are done expertly. The versus are melodic and well-written. The sparse acoustic guitar continues throughout maintaining the emotive flow.

As the song progresses, reaching the hook, the rich 3-part harmony entrances listeners as they sing, “Now I’m all rung out/on cigarettes and wine/and all I got to show/ is another wasted night/ well baby turn around/ and give me one more try/ we can start again/ only starting at the finish line.” The lyrics are straight from the heart and honest offering that universal emotional application the band does so well.

Check out their video below:

With the simple and sparse arrangement, the vocals shine through creating an intimate vibe as their lyrics and melodies strike at your core, penetrate and glow. Faultlines delivers a professional sound through compelling vocal harmonies driven by simple acoustic instrumentals. “Starting at the Finish Line” is just one great example of their ability to create a memorable music experience. To purchase their music, please visit For more information on the group and to keep up with their latest releases, stop by their website.

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