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  • Bryon Harris

Black Horse Motel - ‘Where The Money Comes From’

Black Horse Motel is an innovative Americana Folk Rock group who blend elements of rock, country, traditional folk and Americana roots. The band is formed of Galen Fitzpatrick - Vocals/Guitar, Megan Manning - Drums/Vocals, Ryann Lynch - Fiddle/Vocals, and Desiree Haney - Cello/Vocals. This seasoned quartet recently released a new 5-song EP titled, 'Parable.' Off this new EP is the single “Where Money Comes From” which is sure to leave you wanting more of their music.

Kicking off, the intro begins with a compelling guitar progression which is soon joined by mesmerizing vocal harmonies and strings before leading us into the first verse. Right off the bat, the intro engages listeners with an entrancing arrangement that immediately draws you into the song. The mix is clear giving each part of the arrangement room to shine creating the perfect blend of vocals and instruments. After singing, “Sitting in the sunshine praying for shade/counting out the money that I ain’t made,” the song livens up with the addition of percussion, clapping effects and additional strings. A nice Americana groove is established creating the progression towards the hook of the song. The hook is simple and memorable repeating, “I don’t care where the money comes from.”

Each verse of the songs brings you into the next chapter of the story, which is about a couple (think Bonnie and Clyde) who are robbing a liquor store. The first verse utilizes male vocals, the second female, then finishing up the song - the pair switch off for a truly fun vocal presentation. The arrangement, along with the content of the lyrics, do well to set the mood of the story allowing the fantasy to wash over you engaging you deeper into the song. As the song ends, your immediate instinct is to hit "replay."

Check out their video below:

Undoubtedly, Black Horse Motel writes entrancing instrumental arrangements utilizing their full vocal and vocal harmony talents bolstering it with a professional quality sound. “Where The Money Comes From” is just one example of how they are able to do this while giving listeners a memorable story and music experience. Their music is available for purchase via, itunes, bandcamp, amazon, cdbaby, and google music. For more information on the group visit their website.

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