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  • Bryon Harris

AntoineRNB - 'So Sexy'

AntoineRNB is a rhythm & blues artist hailing from New York with a sound that has sparked international recognition and radio play. With determination and passion, AntoineRNB is releases new singles and expanding his growing fan-base expands. His most recent single “So Sexy” has garnered national play and features in major media outlets.

“So Sexy” beings with a simple electronic bass line accompanied by bell synths while Dow Jones hypes up the track. After a brief intro, the vocals for the chorus enter singing, “So Sexy, I want you next to me / I think it's best for you to let me / Have you next to me / And you can chill in the front seat.” The tone of the vocals presents an easy-going vibe as they sing through the unforgettable hook.

Moving forward, the beat eases back as it enters the first verse and the vocals enter with less effects giving off a nice, smooth tone singing, “My sex appeal/It gives you chills / Girl you know how it feels to be built/I wanna be nice / You gotta be nice/I know my body is all on your mind / I know I'm fine/So damn fine/Can't you believe my hands is on your thighs/I think I'm right, that you and I / I'm about to make you mine.” The light melodies in "So Sexy" are accompanied by background vocals and hype that keeps the energy of the song moving forward.

Check out the video performance of "So Sexy!"

"So Sexy" is exactly what is says; it's about desire and lust for a beautiful woman and after listening to the song, fans will desire to hear more. This is just one of his songs that lighten the mood with fun lyrics, a great beat, an infectious hook and vocal smoothness that keeps things chill. AntioneRNB music is available for purchase via ITunes. To keep up with his latest releases and and upcoming events, visit his facebook.

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