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  • Bryon Harris

Wito Rodriguez - 'Como El Viento'

Irwin “Wito” Rodriguez is a salsa artist out of Chicago. He started out his career in music as a guitarist for a rock band before deciding to move to Puerto Rico and explore his musical roots. It was then that he fell in love with Salsa music and the instrumentation used for it. Wito has had a tremendous amount of experience performing with many bands. Now focused to his own projects, Wito has anew release, his second solo recording titled, “Como El Viento” (Like the Wind).

This energetic song begins with an exciting arrangement of classic sounding Salsa percussion accompanied by an intricate moving bass line, keys and horns that make you want to get up and move as soon as the song starts. After the intro, the first verse begins and Wito’s vocals enter singing, “CAMINA VA POR EL MUNDO, CONTINUAMENTE/(CORO – CONTINUAMENTE/VA LIBRE Y VIGOROSO CONSTANTEMENTE.” Wito has a bright, crisp tone with shimmers with just the right amount of vibrato - his vocal presentation will send chills up your


With lyrics in both Spanish and English, this song is accessible to a wide range of listeners. After a section in Spanish and a section in English, an instrumental break keeps the song progression fresh and listeners captivated. Along with the instrumental arrangement, vocal harmonies bolster the track enhancing the overall musical experience. In “Como El Viento,” Wito tell us how his life is “like the wind,” never looking back, never standing still, and it has its strong points and weak ones as well.

With his second solo release, Wito wows us with his colorful sound creating a vibrant musical experience. “Como El Viento” is a surefire way to get people on their feet and dancing. His music is available for purchase via CDbaby. For more information on Wito and his music, visit his web page.

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