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  • Bryon Harris

Lucas Rabel - 'Listen'

Lucas Rabel is a multi-talented instrumentalist and singer-songwriter who has spent his life traveling the states, playing music and honing his sound. Lucas has been to Washington, Vegas, Nashville, Chicago and Georgia to share his infectious tunes. Recently, he released his debut album titled 'Western Amber Skies.' This album is a cultivation of relentless passion, creativity and tenacity. His accessible presentation crosses many genres including rock, folk, roots, Americana, folk-rock and pop. From 'Western Amber Skies,' comes the song “Listen” which is a great showcase of Rabel’s talent.

The song kicks off with a fun, memorable guitar melody accompanied by drums, organ, and bass. After a brief intro, the first verse begins with the entrance of the vocals singing, “It takes a little more time but it’s purer / And in this day and age it’s getting harder to find / Don’t want to fall behind.” Rabel fuels addictive melodies with his laid back, relaxed, feel good tone that pairs well with the polished instrumental arrangement. As the song progresses, additional instruments are added giving a nice build up to the chorus. The production is very nice as the vocals sit above the delicacies of the mix.

Throughout the song, Rabel comments on the way the world is run and his music is a cathartic offering. In the chorus he sings, “Listen to me listen / And I will play a song for you / And if you choose to listen / The hours will melt away and I will / I will fly for you,” showing how he believes music can take away the pain. With its light-hearted, good vibes “Listen” is sure to leave a long lasting impression.

“Listen” is a stand-out example of Lucas Rabel’s ability to write a memorable song that will stick with you long after you listen. This is just one of many infectious tracks off his debut album Western Amber Skies. To purchase his music or for more information on Lucas, visit his website.

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