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  • Bryon Harris

Voice of Addiction - 'Rustbelt'

Voice of Addiction are a punk-rock band out of Chicago. Their politically charged music has garnered them over 1200 shows across the US and Canada along with features in video games. The group has been around for over a decade making them seasoned vets in the scene. They have released an epic five projects, selling thousands of copies of their music. The prolific band is now getting ready to release both a new full-length album and a documentary sometime this year. From their new album, their song “Rustbelt” is the perfect way to introduce yourself to their sound.

"Rustbelt" kicks off with a distorted guitar drone that leads into accents from drums, bass and guitar before breaking into a high energy jam. With a clear mix, the instrumental arrangement already gives Voice of Addiction a top-notch mix that showcases the bands well established sound. The vocals enter for the first verse displaying a grungy, edgy tone that fits in perfectly with the instrumentals. From melodic lines to hardcore belts, the vocals show a diverse versatility that is always more than welcome in punk music and Voice of Addiction does it just right.

As the song progresses, there are instrumental breaks and solos that keep listeners at

the edge of their seat with killer riffs. With lyrics like, “Born in the Rustbelt, raised in these steel towns / And nothing ever seems to go our way / We just slave, to the grave, they take away Industry! / Gotta work till the day I die. Gotta work just to survive / No one’s looked out for us, just sitting here waiting on the 56 bus,” the song sends a strong message about growing up in the Rust Belt and dealing with the harsh realities of the economic decline that these textile towns are facing. The lyrics pack an emotional and poignant punch.

Voice of Addiction sends meaningful messages through a professional, killer sound that is sure to leave you changed...and wanting more. Luckily for listeners, this seasoned group has plenty of material along with the new, innovative projects to be released this year. To purchase their music or for more information on the band, visit their website.

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