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  • Bryon Harris

Angels Cut - 'Sick, Sick, Sick'

Angels Cut is a killer rock group based out of Humboldt County, California. The band draws their influences from classic rock, metal, country and blues creating a nostalgic sound. The quintet is composed of Steph Johnson, vocals; Utah Blue, guitar; Mike Molina, guitar; Aaron McLaughlin, bass; and Joe Barney, drums. Angels Cut has gone on national tours with the bands Moonshine Bandits and Rehab. Their new single titled “Sick, Sick, Sick” is a surefire way to get hooked on their music.

The song kicks off with high energy as the drums roll in leading to the entrance of the guitars and bass. The guitars enter wailing a distorted chord progression with the bass following along.

“Sick, Sick, Sick” has a crisp mix making the arrangement engaging. We are led into the first verse with a small guitar flourish. Singing “So high that I see the future before me,” the vocals enter with a slightly distorted effect that gives them a classic, rocking feel. Throughout the verse, the instrumentals build up with more lead guitar riffs as

we approach the hook.

“Sick, Sick, Sick” is a song about battling temptations. It is about trying to decide between the things you “should” do verses your desires and the stress that is comes with that internal conflict. In the hook they describe how you try to fight the feeling but every once in a while you just feel “Sick, Sick, Sick.” Along with the jamming chorus, the song continues to entrance listeners with a wailing, high octane guitar solo that is sure to blow you away.

With a sound that is reminiscent of those classic styles we love combined with an energetic flair for today's market, Angels Cut delivers a sick, sick, sick slice or rock heaven. For more information on the band and to keep up with their latest releases, visit their website.

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