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Corey Chandler aka “Syn” is a hip-hop artist from the outskirts of NYC. Growing up in Salem, New York, Syn always had a passion for music. With recent inspiration, he has been able to pursue his passion with an unstoppable drive. Syn has recently released his debut project The BlakOut EP and his title track, “BLAKOUT,” is the perfect way to introduce you to his sound.

The song starts out with a brief intro featuring a melodic synth line that leads us directly in to the first verse. As the vocals enter, the beat drops as he raps, “It's like a feelin of euphoria /When the beat comes on/Might sound strange/But it's the only thing that keeps me norm.” Syn has a unique sound that is all his own. His words come through clear allowing you to follow and connect with his lyrics.

As the verse progresses, the beat continues to build with additional synths and bass. The production is strong with memorable lines and a loud mix. Upon reaching the hook the beat switches up with a bumping bass line as Syn says, “WHEN THE BEAT COMES ON/YEA I BLACK OUT(4X)(2X).” “BLAKOUT” is a classic kick-off song for a hip-hop artist with Syn venting about his past and dealing with fake people and a bad experience with artist. Syn works well with the beat hyping up listeners as the song progresses. With a slightly melodic flow, high-quality production, and unique sound, Syn delivers a very memorable music experience with “BLAKOUT.”

“BLAKOUT” is just one song to get pumped about off of his debut EP. Along with his music, Syn is also the founder of SynCo Entertainment and with his determination, passion and entrepeneurship there is sure to be more to look forward to in the future for Syn. His music is available for purchase via iTunes. Check out his music videos on his youtube channel.

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