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  • Bryon Harris

Second Echo - "Innocent"

Second Echo is rock project fronted by multi-talented musician Casey Stickley. The group formed in the late 90’s and have since spent countless hours on writing sessions and playing touring. Second Echo delivers a big sound with their guitar-driven rock influenced by bands like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Alice in Chains. Their new single titled “Innocent” gives a sneak peek into their breakout album, EVELUTION, showcasing their seasoned talent.

The song kicks off with huge sound. The drone of a distorted electric guitar is accompanied by a rocking drum beat and grooving bass line. Soon, the rocking arrangement is joined by a wailing guitar melody, sending us off into the first verse. The vocals enter with high energy and a crystal clear tone as they sing through soaring melodies with a rhythmic flow saying, “Put on your armor and take cover as we stand up against the former /Ways of thinking they're creeping up again /Just hide the broken tree to bury all the ramifications.”

The mix is on point leaving each instrument its own pocket giving each element of the arrangement room to shine, resulting in a high-quality, professional sound that sets Second Echo ahead of the game. Second Echo continues to impress with a catchy hook with memorable lyrics and melodies singing, “Take another life and we still blame it on the sound of the innocent /Line your fear we'll blame it on the sound of the innocent/While you're here to blame it on the sound of the innocent /I will feed you and blame it on the sound of the innocent.”

With a strong message, outstanding mix and top-notch arrangement, “Innocent” is a truly memorable music experiences that puts Second Echo's alongside the icons that influenced them. Second Echo creates music with the goal of creating the best guitar-driven rock possible and with their single “Innocent” they deliver ten-fold. This single leaves you excited for their album EVELUTION which will be released this summer. Their music is available via iTunes. For more information on the band visit their website.

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