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  • Bryon Harris

The Rough - 'Not You (Resolve)'

The Rough is a dynamic punk/rock trio bound to leave a lasting impression. The group is formed of Drew Smith, Mike Smith and Darren Sader whom previously brought you the projects: Bankers Hill, Motionless, Skipjack, The Binge and Save Amos. The Rough released their debut, self-titled EP that will strike at the core of listeners with their powerful sound. From their EP, the song “Not You (Resolve) is a great way to introduce yourself to their killer sound.

Before the song kicks off, the track begins with a short skit saying “You know that sound you’re looking for? Well listen to this!” Immediately after the song breaks in with quick accents from the instrumental arrangement accompanied by scatting and some maniacal laughter in the background. “Not You (Resolve)” tells two stories of people who have reached their breaking point and cannot handle the cards they have been dealt any longer. The laughter and scatting in the beginning (and end) represent the negative conscious of the characters taking over.

Kicking off the first verse they sing, “You pull over the car before me, /a sharp glance comes straight from the mirror /Heat packed, you never called yourself a killing man /Try to keep the plan and hide it with your other hand.” Painting a strong image with their words, the vocals mold to the track perfectly with grooving rhythms and a tone meant for the emotive melodies of punk/rock music. The Rough continues to impress reaching the chorus, jamming with a melody that will be seared into your memory after one listen. Undoubtedly, “Not You (Resolve)” is a shining example of The Rough’s work that will have you hooked on their sound.

The Rough has a knack for writing engaging tracks that tell compelling stories creating a unique music experience for their listeners. “Not You (Resolve) is just one example of their music from their new EP. Their music can be purchased via Bandcamp. For more information on the band, visit their website.

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