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  • Bryon Harris

Natalie Jean Ft. Michael Peloso - 'Alive'

Michael Peloso is a songwriter based out of New Jersey. Writing Adult Contemporary/Adult Pop, Peloso focuses on creating touching lyrics with a simplicity that makes them easy for anyone to enjoy. He draws his influences from artist such as Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen and Hall & Oats. Peloso wants his music to help others escape their everyday lives. Peloso collaborates with award-winning artist Natalie Jean on his single “Alive” creating a moving track.

The song begins with a gentle acoustic guitar progression accompanies by a simple pop beat. As the music fades in it is accompanied by vocalizes from Natalie. She has a clear, bright tone with hints of vibrato. The arrangement is then graced with accents of electric guitar and bass. Soon the first verse begins with Natalie singing, “Sun set, sun rises /Moments etched in time /Taking them with us /On heights we will climb /People don’t remain the same /Even cupid had bad aim But when it comes to me & you /I guess he is to blame /Left for dead till I looked in your eyes.”

Natalie sings through each line with colorful emotion bringing each line to life, striking at your core. The song continues to build momentum with the addition of harmonies from Peloso until it reaches the hook singing, “Left for dead till I looked in your eyes /Clock hands still but time flies by /Couldn’t shake you even if I tried /One look from you & I’m brought back alive.” The melodies are simple and easy to remember making this a song that will get stuck in your head after just one listen. Peloso wants listeners to create their own experience with the song and derive their own personal meaning and connection.

“Alive,” with Natalie Jean featuring Michael Peloso, is a stand-out example of Peloso’s exceptional talent as a song writer and, with the expressive and artistic interpretation of the award-winning indie sensation Natalie Jean, this track comes to life creating a unique music experience. The song is available for purchase via iTunes and Amazon music. For more and more music, visit Michael's website.

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