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  • Bryon Harris

Chan Gibbons - 'Where Has The Loving Gone'

Chan Gibbons is an alternative electronic pop artist with a nostalgic sound. Chan is new to the scene, but already shows that she is a multi-talented singer, producer and song writer. She draws on influences from the 80’s and combines them with elements of various genres from House to Rock. Her debut single, released June 23, 2017, titled “Where Has The Loving Gone” showcases her unique sound and style.

The song begins with a swelling synth drone in the background accompanied by a melodic synth line and other ambient noises creating a hypnotic soundscape. Building up, the arrangement continues to grow leading up to the drop of the drum beat and main synth line. Once the beat drops, the song sends you back making you feel as if you were in a club in an 80’s movie. Chan’s vocals then enter with an electric, soulful timbre.

“Where Has The Loving Gone” is a song about growing apart from a close friend and wondering why it happened. In the verses, she reminisces over the times they had in the

past singing, “Do you remember being on the phone all night /making sure each other was alright /speaking bright…getting lost in our dreams /promising we’d would love each other endlessly.” Chan sings with the words with clarity and the memorable melodies make her song easy to remember and to relate to. After reminiscing in the verses, during the chorus she sings, “Where has the loving gone x4 /(where did it go, why did it leave? where did it go, go, go, go,go,go), asking what happened to their relationship the once had.

Chan Gibbons resurrects the 80’s with universal appeal for today's market. Her entrancing song “Where Has The Loving Gone” is hypnotic. The track is available for purchase via Bandcamp For more information and to keep up with new releases from Chan, visit her website.

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