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  • Bryon Harris

Super Mega Everything - 'Inside'

Super Mega Everything is a rock band out of Northern California. The quartet is composed of Frank Garay – guitar, Matt Evans - drums, Star Cannon – vocals, and DJ Judge – 12 string bass. Each member of the band brings their own musical taste, creating an epic sound that is unique to Super Mega Everything. Their song “Inside” from their project, Breaking Inside, The Fat Cat Session, is a killer example of their music and a great way to introduce yourself to their bombastic sound.

The song begins with an entrancing intro that kicks off with a slower tempo guitar progression accompanied by bass, soon joined by accents of drums. The arrangement continues to build leading up to the first verse with additional guitar layers. The vocals enter with a deep, warm timbre working with the instrumental arrangement to create a solemn mood. With a strong presence and glimmers of vibrato, the spotlight is on the vocals as Star sings through passionately emotive melodies.

The inspiration for “Inside” stems from

the band's loss of a close friend. Building up to the chorus, you can hear the pain emanating from Star’s voice as she opens the hook singing, “My hearts broken inside.” The song continues to progress with the addition of wailing distorted guitar solos that build up to a climactic end with a powerful instrumental arrangement and compelling vocals. "Inside" is undoubtedly captivating.

Super Mega Everything delivers a large sound with energetic instrumentals, wailing solos, and vocals that go from swooning melodies to raw powered belting. “Inside” is a perfect example of the kind of music experience Super Mega Everything brings to the table and it's a table worth sitting at. Their music as well as more information on the band is available via their website.

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