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  • Bryon Harris

Still Flux - 'Come With Me'

Still Flux is a rock band that formed in 2015. Since then, the group has toured Canada and the U.S. and participated in Battle of the Bands. Still Flux is a band who felt the political environment to their core. In 2017, the band had to cancel their U.S. tour; a plan to play for a non-for-profit rally for Peace in Vermont turned into denied entry into the U.S. and ongoing issues with entrance. Hey Bernie - get this rockin' band into the U.S.! Despite the setback, Still Flux has pushed forward, touring the east coast of Canada. Band members John Castillo (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Johnny Syriani (lead guitar), Luke Winer (bass) and David Hernon (drums) will soon be releasing a new album titled, 'Habits & Dreams.' The album will explore the problems of the current state of the world, love, social media and politics. Their single, “Come With Me” is a nice teaser to their upcoming work.

"Come With Me" kicks off with high energy, beginning with a grooving intro featuring a funky guitar progression accompanied by in-the-pocket bass and drums. Leading into the first verse with a tasteful guitar riff, John Castillo enters singing, “Not today / So kick your shoes off, by the way / Did you really think he would've stayed?”

John's vocals are emotive displaying an intense timbre, matching the mood of the arrangement perfectly. The band's syncopated rhythms and infectious riffs are impressive and keep you engaged and jamming out while the vocal melodies are smooth and entrancing. Upon reaching the chorus, the vocals really let go showcasing a more edgy, rocking tone while singing, “Come on baby, disagree / Be the optimist you need to be / Come on baby, come with me / Live in a moment's divinity." Love is temporary, so live in the moment.

Check out their new video of "Come With Me."

Still Flux is a stand-out group of talented musicians with a killer sound that is easy to rock out to. Their song “Come With Me” is a great example of how they are able to fuse rocking instrumentals with expressive, melodic vocal lines creating an intensity that fits perfectly with their meaningful lyrics. Let's get this band back to the U.S. soon! Their music is available for purchase on iTunes so keep a look out for their new releases. For more information on the band, visit their website.

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