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  • Bryon Harris

Neil and Adam - "Everything is Alright"

Neil and Adam are a killer indie pop duo out of St. Louis Missouri. The two began writing music together in high-school and have since won four best song awards in Pop, Rock, Folk and Americana from the Akademia Music Awards. Their music has been sponsored by Bongo Boy Records, LMC records and AMAdea Music. “Everything is Alright,” which was featured on UK's ITV's 'This Morning' by means of JD Music Promotions and Bongo Boy Records Volume Nine, is a surefire way to have you hooked on their sound.

"Everything is Alright" starts with a popping drum beat that is joined by the entrance vocals, “It doesn’t matter what you look like, look like / Everything is alright you’re still an open book.” The vocals have a smooth timbre with a clear bright tone that is exactly what you want to hear with their style. After the first line, the arrangement is amped up with the addition of bass, keys and guitar. The simplicity of the arrangement allows the vocal melody to take the spotlight and, at the same time, has the necessary changes to keep the momentum of the song building.

The shining moment of the song is when it reaches the chorus. The hook has an undoubtedly infectious melody with a positive message that everybody can relate to. “Everything is Alright” is a love story with a message about being body positive and raising your self-esteem. This is shown at the start of the hook when they sing, “It doesn’t matter what you look like, look like / Everything is alright, everything is alright / What makes you think he doesn’t want you, want you ,/ don’t’ you want to ask him out tonight.”

Neil and Adam prove that they are top-notch hit song-writers with their single, “Everything is Alright.” Their song, which also hits high marks for TV and radio appeal, delivers a memorable music experience that pop fans can jam along with over and over again. Neil and Adam are currently working on new material for a 2017 summer release. Their music can be purchased via major digital music retailers. For more information on the duo, visit their website.

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