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  • Bryon Harris

Every Other Sunday - 'Ghost'

Every Other Sunday is a father and son rock band featuring John R. Corrado and his son John. They first performed together in 2015 and have been writing and performing ever since. Later the duo expanded the band to include guitarist Craig Anderson and studio engineer, Brendan Ruanne. "Ghost" off their EP titled, 'No," is a great way to introduces yourself to the talent of this family and friends group.

"Ghost" begins with an electric guitar panned to the left and an acoustic panned right that play a simple chord progression that is soon joined by some rocking drums. After a brief intro, the first verse begins with the lyrics, “Well I know she wants to kill me/ I’m a ghost I have no reason/and I think I need to leave/ but I don’t know if I could go.” The vocals are clear and easy to understand with an emotional timbre filled with angst, putting emphasis on the lyrics and the story behind them.

“Ghost” is a song about how heartbreak can make you feel dead inside. Reaching the chorus they sing “There was a time when we were fine/Well now I’m a ghost inside my mind/Treated you fine I thought so swell/I must be a ghost this feels like hell.” The song continues to progress featuring nice, melodic guitar solos that keep the energy pumping. With a clean arrangement, simple melodies, and relatable themes “Ghost” is a song that is easy to get into.

Every Other Sunday have an uncomplicated sound that is straight forward and easy to rock along with. The band is tight and there is a connection that they have achieved, a connection that comes from truly knowing your band members and audiences can feel that this band is having good time playing and giving back. “Ghost” is just one example of how relatable and memorable their songs are. The group is constantly rehearsing, writing new songs, and performing. To find out more about their music or get more information on the band, visit their page on Reverbnation.

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