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  • Bryon Harris

Danny Everitt - 'One Good Chance'

Danny Everitt is an Americana artist out of Texas. In 2014, Danny was named Singer-Songwriter of the Year and was a three time nominee for the Academy of Texas Music for Singer-Songwriter of the Year. His music has been recorded by artists all around the world such as Eric Burdon & the Animals, Brook Benton, Shake Russell, Scott McGill, Demis Roussos and Teresa James & the Rhythm Tramps. With his song “One Good Chance,” off of his album, 'Dream Big', Danny shows us why he has received the recognition he has.

"One Good Chance" kicks off with a drum fill that leads off the rest of the arrangement. The bass grooves along with the steady drum beat while the guitar strums and the twang of the mandolin takes the lead melody. The arrangement is fun and engaging making it a great way to start the song. The arrangement then slows down, musically leaving room for the entrance of the vocals for the first verse. Jack Saunders is on guitar, mandolin, bass and backing vocals and Rick Richards is on drums - the trio are tight, in-the-pocket and the production is first rate.

“One Good Chance” is a classic love story song about young love going against a parent's advice. The first verse is about the boy and the second is about the girl. Their story is brought together in the chorus, “We Might get one good chance to get it right / One good chance to fill the empty night / Does the cup of perfection always taste this way / I'm holding on to that girl for the rest of our days." The melodies are infectious; the lyrics are memorable; and the theme is universal making this a song that can garner mass appeal and easily chart. Bottom line: Danny Everittt knows how to write a hit song.

“One Good Chance” has a big chance of continuing Danny Everitt's successful run. For more information on the Danny and to hear more great songs, visit his website.

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