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  • Bryon Harris

Cedar Teeth - 'Winter'

Cedar Teeth are a roots rock band out of the Portland, Oregon region. Hailing from the Cascade foothills, Cedar Teeth gets their inspiration from the divide of the wilderness and the city. The five member band features Dylan Martell, Erin Corzine ,Luke Precourt, Rayson Gordon and Adam Murray. Cedar Teeth present a host of instruments including guitar, banjo, keys, bass and drums along with down-to-earth vocals and harmonies. Their song “Winter” from their EP titled 'Farewell to Green Mountain' is a great showcase of the groups talent and sound which is both rustic and refined.

"Winter" begins with a gorgeous intro that creates a beautiful soundscape Like the sun rising, it slowly builds up towards the first verse. All the instruments work together combining simple parts and melodies that, when combined together, create a uniquely compelling and moving landscape. Dylan Martell enters with a bright tone singing, “When we meet there won't be winter." The vocals add a certain earth to instrumental elements.

"Winter" features melodic instrumental interludes between the versus along with entrancing harmonies. Lyrically, the song does a wonderful job painting images through nature that depict the way in which a relationship can change your outlook. "And when we meet there's only sunrise."​ There is an uplifting and energetic vibe throughout the song with changes in the instrumental arrangement on each verse, keeping the song fresh and engaging throughout its entirety.

Check out the video of "Winter" performed by Cedar Teeth.

The vocals along with the banjo will seal the deal for fans of folk and Americana and the poetic lyrics and fantastic instrumental musicianship will attract the indie rock crowd, making Cedar Teeth the kind of band that hits high marks for making music that crosses over folk, rock and Americana and is easily festival main stage ready. Cedar Teeth prove that they have what it takes to write and create a memorable music experience with their song “Winter.” This is just one of the stand-out songs off of their EP, 'Farewell to the Green Mountain'. For more information on Cedar Teeth, visit their website.

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