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  • Bryon Harris

Elizabeth Tighe - 'Dreams of the Devil'

Elizabeth Tighe is an Americana singer-songwriter out of Phoenix, Arizona. Elizabeth has been featured at countless Arizona music festivals, local venues and out of state locations. Elizabeth writes relatable material that resonates with a passionate and exciting presentation that melds rock, blues and bluegrass. Her new EP titled, 'Queen of Hearts', showcases her knack for writing memorable material. A stand-out example off of the new EP is “Dreams of the Devil.”

The song begins with up-tempo, acoustic guitar strumming, which is joined shortly after by drums, bass and electric guitar creating a lively exciting intro. Elizabeth’s voice enters for the first verse with a pure tone, emotional phrasing and clarity of words making it effortless to connect with the lyrics. Joining Elizabeth on the track are Petie Ronstadt, electric guitar and bass; and Bryan Matyjasik, drums. The trio's musicianship is tight.

”Dreams of the Devil” talks about yearning for love and feelings of jealousy, envy and heartache. "How do I make you love me? I’m followed by pride and swallowed in envy." Elizabeth's writing strikes at your core with strong melodic content and poetic lyrics. Between each section of the verse, the instrumental arrangement rocks out while Elizabeth sings in vocalise (vowel sounds) which is highly effective, adding a nice artsy folk edge to the song. The rocking timbre keeps up and builds nicely into the chorus.

With “Dreams of The Devil,” Elizbeth creates a compelling experience that will have you engaged from start to finish with a sound that is infectious and genuine, the ingredients to attracting a large audience. “Dreams of the Devil” is just one of six killer tracks off of the Queen of Hearts EP. To catch her on tour or hear more of her outstanding music, visit her website. 'Queen of Hearts' is available on all major online music platforms.

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