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  • Bryon Harris

Freddy Printz - 'True To You'

Freddy Printz is a fresh, ambitious hip-hop/rap artist out of Canada. With the help of producers Adot The God, King BNJMN, Modern Producers and DJ OTR, Printz recently released a five song EP titled, 'Keep This In Rotation.' Printz draws his influence from many prominent modern artists such as Bryson Tiller, PartyNextDoo, and Tory Lanez. His song, “True To You” is a great introduction to his style and will whet your appetite for the EP.

"True To You" begins with a mesmerizing synth line which is accompanied by a grooving drum beat. As the bass drops, a sample by DJ OTR comes in with a catchy melody, “Way down, way down/Way down low (down low!” before going into the first chorus. The production by Modern Producers and DJ OTR makes this a hot track. With the addition of Printz smooth flow and raspy tone, it's an all around win.

“True To You” is a song about the struggles of modern relationships and accepting something that's just a casual thing vs. a traditional relationship. “Independent with a crutch / Weed screamin' in the Dutch / League - leader with the cuff / But I don't ever fall in love” and then later, reinforcing the theme, he raps, “Well I'm sorry Ms. Jackson / For keepin bitches on a backspin / All she wanna do is check for me / And all I wanna do is cash in.” The chorus, verse, chorus format makes this song easy to remember; it get stuck in your head. It's the perfect length for radio play and has universal hip hop appeal. Check out the video of "True to You."

There is no doubt that Printz has a sound anyone can rock to and solid, universal material that could garner him a lot of attention in today’s music climate. His song “True To You” is just one of his potential charting hits from his new EP. His music is available for purchase via iTunes, Spotify, and Tidal. Printz looks forward to playing many shows and festivals in the next 6 months before the release of his next EP.

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