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  • Bryon Harris

Aaron Burdett - 'Another Nail In The Coffin'

Aaron Burdett is a critically acclaimed Americana singer-songwriter out of western North Carolina. Aaron has been listed as one of the top musicians of North Carolina by WNC Magazine alongside artists such as Doc Watson, Steep Canyon Rangers and The Avett Brothers. Aaron is a seasoned musician with a developed sound. He recently released his 7th album titled, 'Refuge', through Organic Records. Off this album comes his song, “Another Nail In The Coffin” which is a great display of his talent and the sound that has garnered him so much praise. The song kicks off with a groovin’ electric guitar progression with a classic country twang. After four bars, the guitar is joined by the rest of the arrangement with a drum beat and bass line that will get you stepping to the music. Aaron has a voice that is easy-on-the-ears, laid back but clear. Smooth and tasteful guitar solos lace the track with soulful and melodic sensibilities. The recording/production quality is first-rate. The hook to 'Another Nail In the Coffin' is very memorable. " “Drive another nail in the coffin /too late now to stop it / doesn’t matter wrong or right/ don't waste your time thinking about what you could have done differently...” The theme to this song is universal - make a mistake and keep going.

Burdett displays sophisticated song-writing sensibilities and a top-notch, high quality sound that could be played alongside top Americana artists today; he has undoubtedly earned the praise he received in the past and will continue receiving high marks with his latest release 'Refuge.' “Another Nail In The Coffin” is just one of the many songs that showcase his polished passion. His music is available for purchase via iTunes and Amazon. For more information, visit his website.

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