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  • Bryon Harris

The Lunas - 'Until I'm Dead'

Winning fans across Canada, The Lunas are an alt/indie-rock group who formed in 2015. The quartet features James Priestner on vocals and guitar; Ian Cardona on drums and vocals; Lubo Ivan on guitar; and Chad Watson on bass and vocals. Their EP, 'A Curious Life,' tackles themes of personal struggles and life experiences. The lead single “Until I’m Dead” showcases the talent and style of The Lunas making you want to come back for more.

“Until I’m Dead” is about following your passion and doing what you love even though you might not know what lies ahead. "I know I'm on my own. You never know what's coming your way." The song begins with a simple guitar line which is soon accompanied by bass and drums. When the vocals enter for the first verse, The Lunas win you over with their entrancing melodies and crystal clear tone singing. When James Priestner sings, there is a slight edginess to his voice, adding character that goes very well with the indie vibe of the song. The band, in return, provides a tight foundation.

Where “Until I’m Dead” truly starts to shine is when you reach the first chorus singing, “Go, you said, that this is life for me until I'm dead/Go, you said, climb up to the mountain find your head”. The hook has a memorable melody and groove that will have you listening to this song on repeat. After the first chorus, the song continues to build and progress showing off the out-standing musicianship of the band. The song features a small instrumental interlude keeping the song energetic and captivating from start to finish.

Check out their video of "Until I'm Dead"

With songs like “Until I’m Dead,” The Lunas will continue winning over fans - the band has made a splash in the Canadian music scene and, without a doubt, has the potential to create waves worldwide with a sound that is edgy, tight and easy to relate to. Their music is available for purchase on Bandcamp. For more information on the band, visit their website.

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