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Chris Ruediger - 'One Way Ticket'

Chris Ruediger is a young, up and coming pop artist out of Concord, MA. After releasing his debut single, “Summertime Story,” in March 2107, Chris received positive accolades from the music industry and radio play on several New England stations. Soon after, he released his debut EP, 'Secrets,' on June 1st which premiered globally on Indie Scene Radio. From this new EP, his song, “One Way Ticket,” is sure to be a crowd favorite for this rising talent.

"One Way Ticket" begins with an up-tempo drum beat accompanied by arpeggiated guitar chords and a thumping bass. After the brief intro, the vocals enter for the first verse. Chris has a smooth, crystal clear timbre and a slightly folky tone giving his vocal presentation nice dimension. The instrumentals continue to build up during the verse, gaining momentum towards the hook and keeping the song interesting. Already, Chris presents strong pop song-writing sensibilities.

In addition, the song has some cross-over opportunities for fans of pop-country as well. Reaching the chorus Chris sings, “You’re a little crazy, maybe / but hey you're everything that I like / I’m not waiting / I’m gonna come chasing / I know the time is right / I'm begging for a kiss, something I can’t miss /i'm coming to get it now / my heart's bought a one way ticket / A one way ticket / to you.” The lyrics are memorable and clever, the melodies and the hook are strong and the arrangement is engaging making “One Way Ticket” the perfect song to get listeners hooked on Chris’ music.

With songs like “One Way Ticket,” that display a winning song-writing acumen for the pop market audience, Chris Ruediger is sure to amass a following. Without sounding too cliche, there's no doubt that Chris has a "one way ticket" to success if he keeps traveling in this musical direction. This song as well as the rest of his EP is available on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and most major digital outlets. Fans can also look for Chris performing at New England events, festivals and venues such as the Hard Rock Café Boston, Loretta’s Last Call, and The Burren. Chris is currently working on a video project to go along with his EP and writing new material for his next project. For more information on Chris, visit his website.

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