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  • Bryon Harris

Steamvalve Nation - 'Chocolates & Diamond Rings'

Steamvalve Nation is a rock group with elements of pop, hard-rock and classic-rock that was formed in 2013. The band has been gaining momentum with their rocking tunes and steampunk imagery and showmanship. Steamvalve Nation is: Terry Tuccori (guitars, vocals, theremin, songwriter), Morris Gray (bass), Chris Palmerin (drums), Dalia Kisielius (backing vocals), Carol Macpherson (trombone) and Alfredo Rodriquez (trumpet). The sextet aims for a visual and sonic impact. Their single “Chocolates & Diamond Rings” is the great way to yourself to their theatrical-rock presentation.

This high energy song beings with a countdown from the drums that lead into a rocking arrangement of fast strumming guitars, wailing horns, drums and bass. After a brief intro, the first verse beings and the vocals bring an excited, bright timbre to the song. Building up to the chorus, background vocals add depth keeping the track fresh. “Chocolates & Diamond Rings” is captivating and refreshingly different.

This song is about seeing somebody at a store and falling for them. They start off singing, “I didn't know what I was looking for/Then I saw you in that clothing store.” Then in the hook they elaborate, “Cuz I wanna make you mine / Shop with you all the time/Buy ya two of everything/Chocolates and Diamond Rings.” The basic premise is that you never know what lies around the corner, what new experience awaits you, and sometimes you find what you're looking for even though you didn't know you were looking for it. The tune and lyrics are fun and catchy. An instrumental section after the second verse displays the band's classic rock chops.

For another treat check out their video of “Roll With It.”

Steamvalve Nation delivers a fun, high octane, pop-rock jam with a tangy twist of steampunk that offers a refreshingly entertaining musical experience on their single “Chocolates & Diamond Rings.” The song will be available via major online music platforms. The band is currently working on recording new materials and out playing gigs. For more information on Steampunk Nation, visit their website.

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