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  • Bryon Harris

The Victory Drive - 'The Countdown Pt. II'

The Victory Drive is a power-pop artist based out of Jersey that first emerged in the late 2000’s. Enjoying industry success, the band played the prestigious Warped Tour. After a hiatus, multi-talented artist Jamie McClanahan rebooted his career, keeping the band's name and releasing a new pop-fresh three track EP, 'Before I Self Destruct.' The single “The Countdown Pt. II” is perfect for both new listeners getting a feel for The Victory Drive's sound and returning fans who will surely be pleased.

The song begins with a glassy, synth-like drone that, after a brief moment, leads us into the first verse. The instrumentation continues to build with the addition of piano, drums, bass and additional production. McClanahan’s voice is infectious with a bright timbre that shines through in the forward vocal style mix. He soars through memorable melodies showcasing his vocal abilities and range with vocal layering throughout chorus. “The Countdown Pt. II” starts as a smooth ballad and builds into a rocking power-pop jam with punk influences that is sure to woo any crowd.

This song is a continuation of “The Countdown” from the 2012 EP, 'Almost Famous,' which was about break-ups and people growing apart. The new song focuses on the fallout - returning and finding out that life has moved on. In the first verse he sings “I came to say goodbye /Thought you'd never leave /Looks like we finally made it, unaffiliated /We're a drug without the high painting emotional images in our minds and perfectly setting up for the chorus. The Victory Drive uses great harmonies throughout the highly melodic and catchy song.

There is no doubt The Victory Drive has what it takes to reach a mass audience. "The Countdown Pt. II" is radio charting material with infectious melodies and pop-friendly vocals and lyrics. Sometimes a break is exactly what an artist needs to come back even stronger and make a mark in the music scene; on that note - welcome back The Victory Drive. You sound better than ever. The EP 'BEfore I Self Destruct' is available for purchase on their bandcamp. For more information on the band, visit their website.

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