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  • Bryon Harris

The Shrimps - 'Make It Better'

The Shrimps are an acoustic rock duo based out of NYC featuring two brothers, Marcus and Simon Benjamin. The duo delivers an authentic performance that has garnered them critical praise and comparisons to Simon & Garfunkel and The Beatles. Combining elements of singer-songwriter with rock and roll, The Shrimps' flavor is unique. From their album, 'Abstracts and Keywords,' their single “Make It Better” is a perfect way to whet your appetite.

"Make It Better" kicks off with an energetic, foot-tapping barrage of guitar and mandolin strumming that brings us right into the first verse. With the entrance of the vocals, The Shrimps showcase a raw, live feel that blends nicely with their instrumentation. The vocals and harmonies display a rough-around-the-edges swagger that will appeal to fans of acoustic and folk-rock looking for a musical experience that is down-to-earth and genuine. As we set upon the chorus, the instrumentation settles a bit allowing the melody on the vocals to shine through before breaking back into the excitement of the verses. The song is on the shorter side making it great for radio play or as an introduction that will leaver you wanting more.

"Make It Better" explores the dichotomy of feelings through lyrical contrast, "thunder and lightening" and "save me a rainbow." The phrase “I'm feeling up and down" is repeated multiple times in the song as well as the line "Think about the one's who, gonna make it better." Through up-tempo instrumentals, catchy melodies and fun lyrics, the vibe is positive and uplifting.

“Make It Better” is an engaging musical experience delivered wonderfully by the Benjamin brothers who easily break down the fence between performer and listener with music that is pub-side easy-to-relate that will surely feel accessible/appealing to a wide audience including fans of rock, folk, indie and acoustic. More of their music can be found on itunes and cdbaby (look for their album 'Abstracts and Keywords'). For more information on the band, visit their website.

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