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  • Bryon Harris

Highland Kites - 'I'm Not Weak'

Highland kites are an indie alternative group based out of LA. The band consist of Marissa Lamar (vocals, guitar, and songwriter), Neil Briggs (drums/percussion) and Raymond Richards (lead guitar, bass). The trio creates compelling music with rich content that is sure to sweep you off your feet. They aim to ultimately write uplifting music based off of painful experiences. Their song “I’m Not Weak” from their latest EP is a perfect introduction to their intense musical style.

"I'm Not Weak" (written by Marissa Lamar) begins with an ominous finger-picked guitar lead that drones together leading to the entrance of the vocals for the first verse. Marissa’s voice shimmers with a pure tone, delivering each syllable with crystal clarity. The instrumentation builds and once we reach the pre-chorus, the band enters into a rocking jam with heavy distortion. Keeping listeners captivated, the instrumental arrangement drives the changing moods of the song bringing us through both the dark and light moments of self-awareness. Reaching the chorus, we are greeted by heavenly tones that ease us away from the heavy distortion of the pre-chorus and lighten the atmosphere of the song. “I’m Not Weak” is an extremely engaging song showcasing the undeniable and mesmerizing artistry of Highland Kites.

"I'm Not Weak" is about coming terms with one's humanity and realizing that it is okay to feel, to overthink and ultimately to break. “I finally realize that's it is ok to break / I finally realize that it's ok to not feel hate / I finally realize I'm not weak for always forgiving.” In the end, the message seems to say that in the breaking, we find our strength - "I know who I am...I'm not weak."

Highland Kites delivers intriguing, intimate and impressive music that will leave you changed; encompassing stand-out vocals, artistic lyrics and engaging instrumentation with a knack for revealing the voices inside, Highland Kites flies high above most alt bands. Their single, "I'm Not Weak," will be released on all major platforms on July 29, 2017 along with a music video. The trio is also planning a Pacific Northwest tour through August and September. For more information on the band visit their website.

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