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  • Bryon Harris

Jakals - 'Abel'

Jakals are an indie-rock band based out of the Boston area. The band is comprised of Katie Solomon (vocals), Jack Lewis (guitar), Bredon Jones (guitar), Zach Wulderk (bass) and Teryn Citino (drums). The group combines singer-songwriter roots with elements of rock to create a sound that is both intimate and intense. Their debut album 'Keep Mother Sane' (released May 20, 2017) tackles themes of insecurity and frustration while questioning the fabric of society and the fragility of our humanity. Off this album, their song “Abel” is a great way to introduce yourself to Jakals.

"Abel," which was written by Katie Solomon and Jack Lewis, starts with a dark grungy chord progression that leads us into the first verse. At the start of the verse, the guitar is joined by bass and drums as the vocals enter. Katie’s voice resonates with a pure tone and a powerful, expressive timbre that takes center stage and drives the song forward with soaring color and an impressive emotional and vocal range. With every phrase, the instrumentals work seamlessly with the vocals weaving a story and setting the mood. The song is a bit over five minutes with a build that leads to a fatalistic section where the music becomes quiet and still, a musical word painting of the emotional feelings of remorse and the consequences that can't be undone.

The lyrics of 'Abel' are about deep-rooted insecurities and how those roots blossom into relationship toxicity. "I don’t want this obsession / I don’t want to be haunted / By a ghost I envisioned /When I didn’t exist yet.” They collect their thoughts from the verses into the chorus singing, “Abel, do I make you uneasy /Able, do I make you feel angry /Abel, do you think that I’m empty /Abel, do you not think about me / It’ll be too late soon, Abel / It’ll be too late.” As the wheels of actions turn, the fallout feels inevitable.

The haunting and original melodies of “Abel” are sure to leave a lasting impression of the Jakals’ passion riddled music. Utilizing raw lyrics and colorful vocals to express insightful observations that go underneath the surface, Jakals are a refreshing band that skip the fluff in favor of substance. All of their new music is available for purchase on Bandcamp. For more information visit their website.

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