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  • Bryon Harris

Frank Migliorelli and The Dirt Nappers - 'When She's Walking By Your Side

Frank Migliorelli and The Dirt Nappers are a fresh Americana group who have recently released a new full length album titled 'Bass, Drums, Guitar and Organs' to create the distinguished, multi-genre sound. On their latest project, front man Frank Migliorelli is accompanied by: Tony TIno (bass), Phil Cimino (drums), Eric Puente (percussion), Jeremy Baum (organ), Andy stack and Duncan Clearly (guitars), Mike Heaphy (steel guitar) and Sherryl Marshal, Steve Chizmadia, and Dan Pelletier (backing vocals). Off their new album, the song “When She’s Walking By Your Side” showcases their power-pop side.

After a brief moment of feedback, an energetic guitar strums a chord progression accompanied by a pulsing kick drum. Soon, we are greeted with a wailing organ entrance that leads us into the first verse. The vocals enter with a smooth, crisp tone that entrances listeners. The chorus is infectious and will stick with you long after the song is over, leaving you in a brighter mood for the rest of your day. The light mood and memorable melodies make “When She’s Walking By Your Side” leave a good, lasting impression of Frank Migliorelli and The Dirt Nappers.

“When She’s Walking By Your Side” is an upbeat song about the feeling of being in love and a girl who makes everything better by just being in your presence. They start off the song by singing , “You can't remember a time/When she wasn't by your side/You can't remember a place/Where you couldn't feel it inside." The chorus delivers a thick power-pop flavor that is exuberant. In "When She's Walking By Your Side, "Frank Migliorelli and The Dirt Nappers" tap into the romantic nostalgia of earlier years when a tune like this would burst onto the radio and go to number 1 complete with screaming fans and it's all about the band's ability to tap into something very simple - " a boy and a girl" who fall in love, the feeling of innocence.

Frank Migliorelli and The Dirt Nappers are a group of undoubtedly talented musicians who write classic, timeless songs flavored with pop, rock and roots that you’ll want to listen on repeat. Their music is available for purchase via iTunes and Amazon. For more information on the Frank and the group, visit their website.

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