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Joseph Pagano - 'More Friends in Heaven (Than in Hell)'

Joseph Pagano is an Americana singer-songwriter hailing from the New Jersey music scene. He has released two EP's: 'Time and Colors' and 'Graveyard of Dreams.' Both works received critical acclaim. A tried and true performer, Joseph completed a 21-performance tour across 3 states. His new single, “More Friends in Heaven (Than in Hell),” showcases his talent for writing inviting and catchy tunes.

The song starts off with a bright guitar that strums us right into the first vocal section. Joseph’s voice enters with a raw, raspy tone presenting a down-to-earth storytelling vibe. After singing the catchy hook along with his guitar, Joseph repeats the hook accompanied by upbeat, driving drums and bass, creating a nice foot-tapping swing. The addition of vocal harmonies adds good Americana flavor. The instrumental arrangement, highlighted by a whistling chorus, off-the beat clapping and change-ups in rhythmic accents is very engaging. Easily memorable melodies and fun lyrics seal-the-deal for a song that invites you to join in, smile and sing-along. This one is sure to be a crowd favorite for years to come.

The lyrics are a humorous, tongue and cheek look into themes of trial and error, redemption and forgiveness and, of course, the benefits of having friends in high places. "I'm surrounded by the Devil so I play Christian heavy metal and “I made a living robbing banks I started to give thanks" are two examples of how Joseph uses clever twists to playfully color the song.

In 'More Friends in Heaven (Than in Hell),' Joseph Pagano showcases a gift for writing lighthearted and inviting songs with truly engaging arrangements that will stay with you long after you hear them; where Joseph stands-out is that he is able to write fun and catchy songs that don't sacrifice musical depth. A prolific song-writer, Joseph is currently writing and recording new material. This song and other great tunes from "Time and Colors' will be available on all major digital music platforms by June 15th. For more information, please visit his website.

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