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  • Bryon Harris

Cuzins The Band - 'Chemicals'

Cuzins The Band, based out of New York City, presents rock tinged with funk and blues. The group consists of three members: Nate Vivacqua, lead vocals and lead guitar; Wyatt Thompson, drums/ percussion and backing vocals; and Zach Tabori, lead bass. Cuzins The Band released their first studio album in 2015 and by 2016 they were opening for bands like The Cult. A second full, self-titled album was released April 14, 2017. Off their newly released album, the single “Chemicals” will have you hooked.

"Chemicals" begins with an eerie drone of distortion and feedback. As this goes on, you hear the drumsticks clack, counting in the group. Wyatt Thompson breaks it down on the drums accompanied by Zach Tabori's grooving bass lines soon followed by an equally grooving electric guitar progression. Just the intro alone is enough to have you begging for more Cuzins and it doesn’t stop there. With the entrance of Nate Vivacqua's vocals, the song is brought together with strong melodies and grungy vocal timbre that blends perfectly with the raw instrumentals. “Chemicals” is bound to be a song that earns a top spot in your rock-funk music library.

“Chemicals” is a song about pure desire, the kind that feels addictive; it's about wanting someone even if they are not good for you, even if they are with someone else. Cuzins uses clever and memorable lines throughout the song. The song is formatted with a verse, chorus, verse, chorusx2, instrumental break, chorusx2. During the hook they sing, “Just a taste and I swear I’ll give you up/ But every time I get one it’s never enough/ The way you treat me you would never know/ That I’m addicted to your chemicals.” The instrumental breaks it down with a nice bluesy guitar lead by oozing with effects and attitude; in the video he even plays it behind his back. You gotta love a guitarist who also has showmanship.

Check out the video and feel the addiction:

Cuzins The Band are dripping with a thick, soulful funk rock that will leave you begging for more. Their music is available for purchase on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal or go see them live and pick up an album in person at a show. For more information on the band visit their soundcloud page.

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