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  • Bryon Harris

Rugby Road - 'Give it Away'

Rugby Road is a seasoned rock band that has been writing and jamming for 25 years. This three piece powerhouse features Kenny Kearns (lead vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar, bass), Derek Smith (guitar, vocals) and Rich Pruett (drums, vocals). Rugby Road has opened for major acts including The Allman Brothers Band, Phish, Maceo Parker, Bill Kreutzmann and Peter Frampton. After decades of being together, the band is ecstatic to still be making original music together. Off their newest EP, 'Rugby Road III,' the single “Give It Away,” is a great way to introduce yourself to the group if you are late to the party.

The song begins with a soothing, melodic acoustic guitar progression that is soon joined by the vocals to kick off the first verse. The first line of the verse then leads the rest of the arrangement in with the entrance of a funky bass line and simple percussion to keep the groove going strong. The vocals are easy on the ears with a smooth timbre and melodies that will have you falling in love with Rugby Road. The hook brings the song together making an unforgettable tune; this a great addition to your classic rock music library. The song has a nice build from beginning to end with the addition of wailing keys and electric guitar that keep the listener engaged.

“Give it Away” conveys messages about people, the way we see, judge and value others and "the price you pay when you give it away." The variation on lyrics at the start of each verse is clever: "One man's trash is another man's treasure;" "One man's pain is another man's pleasure;" "One man's math is another man's measure." The overall vibe is mellow classic rock with killer guitar leads. At the end of the song, the band returns to the softer, acoustic outro tying everything together and easing us out.

Rugby Road's "Give It Away" is great classic rock chill with just the right amount of heat; the chill is in the laid-back and smooth vocals, the easy to related to lyrics, good melodic content and acoustic guitar; the heat is in the almost 2-minute electric guitar solo and the right amount of both has to do with years of honing their skills and tasteful song-writing. Rugby Road's music is available for purchase via iTunes. For more information on the band, please visit their website.

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