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  • Bryon Harris

ATMIG - "Trip"

ATMIG (which stands for “After the Money is Gone)” is an indie-rock band based out of Detroit, Michigan. The five member band features Tobias (vocals, guitar), Julia (vocals), Dave (drums), Phil (bass, cigar box, mandolin) and Otto (bass, chatter). The group formed throughout 2016 and has become a favorite in the Michigan music scene. Their first single, “Trip,” was recorded April 22, 2017 and mixed by Tim Smith at Soundscape Studios in Royal Oak, Michigan. This song is a great way to introduce yourself to the musical experience that is ATMIG.

"Trip" is a high energy song that kicks off with up-tempo guitar strumming that leads directly into the first verse. Here, the guitar presents a nice percussive sound using a muted technique establishing the beat. Tobias' vocals enter with a clear, strong presence grabbing your attention and pulling you into the song. Additional vocals by Julia, sung in a light upper range blend nicely. After the first line is sung, the rest of the band breaks in with a a steady fast-shuffle drum beat and rapidly thumping bass, both are rhythmically in-the-pocket giving a tight performance. Upon reaching the hook, you are graced with a fun, memorable melody which is bolstered by the vocal harmonies. “Trip” is sure to leave a lasting impression of ATMIG and will have you wanting for more of their tunes in your library.

“Trip” is a song that is all about letting go of the hardships from your childhood and living in your own skin, in the moment. “Let's make believe we do not care and do not cry." My favorite lyrics are, "Let's show our parents that we don't recall their lies, And take a trip down someone else's fucking life, So we can see what happens when you do not have to hide who you are." The video below visually shows the nostalgic vibe of the band.

“Trip” is a trip down memory lane where parents lie to kids and kids grow up and stop hiding who they are. With great lyrics, strong melodic content and a vibe that everyone can get into, ATMIG will make you forget about life for awhile with an indie-rock-dream-pop magic that will whisk you away "like a rocket in the sun." For more information on the band or to purchase their music, visit their website.

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