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  • Bryon Harris

EXRCM - 'Dizzy'

EXRCM is an indie band out of Northern Italy that formed from a group of close friends: Tommaso Lapiana (lead vocals, keyboard, guitar), Davide Berghi (guitar and keyboard), Alessandro Beso (vocals, keyboard, drums, bass) and Michelangelo De Cia (sequences). Chasing their dreams, they moved to the famous music capital of Berlin where they recently released their first English EP, 'Loite.' The single “Dizzy” off of the new EP is a great way to introduce yourself to their entrancing music.

Starting off, a simple piano melody leads us eerily into the first vocal section of the song. The vocals enter creating an almost haunting dynamic with a soft timbre and lush melodies. Right off the bat, “Dizzy” entrances listeners with their unique musical style. After the intro, the arrangement builds into a groove with an invigorating drum beat, bass and flourishes of electric guitar. This short, poetic piece is split into five different sections with no chorus; the melodies, however, are so unique that they leave a lasting impression that makes you want to play the song on repeat. Nearing the end, the arrangement becomes an all-out rocking jam with heavy electric guitar and vocal harmonies.

“Dizzy” is part of a series that explore individuality and how people express themselves in a vast universe. "The song is part of a story based on three documentaries that were filmed in Germany. The documentary follows "Samuel" as he goes to Church and then leaves, finding himself alone where he breaks into dance. After the first two verses, there is a turning point where the music cuts out and they sing, “Wait I feel a train under my skin. I’ve got a train under my skin. I can’t miss it.” As the music comes back, the last hauntingly poetic section is sung, “Now there’s nothing but a door and please tell me you’ve the keys.”

The song “Dizzy” is striking in it's originality, poetic quality and emotional presentation. It is refreshing to hear a band like EXRCM - they are not cookie cutter which results in multiple plays. Besides bringing their music to as many stages as possible, EXRCM is also working on a new album which is currently in progress. For more information on the band, visit their website.

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